Vuteq Products and Services

Celebrating 50 Years

With Passion and Sincerity

Since 1965 Vuteq has supplied Toyota with various services including logistics, interior trim, door trim and cockpit assemblies just to name a few. Currently Vuteq employs more then 11,000 team members spanning the globe from Japan to North America. With the recent opening of our North American Tech Center and our already established team at our Japan Tech Center we are able to ensure Vuteq stays on the cutting edge of technology and continues to be an indispensable partner.

  Vuteq location

Door Trim Assembly


Instrument Panel - Sequential 

 door trim assembly    intrament panel
  • Full manufacturing of Door Trim Assembly
  • Vacuum Forming   - Light Weight Technology
  • Cut & Sew Capabilities
  • Sequential Delivery   
  • Instrument Panel Assembly
  • 48 Second Tact Time
  • Three Different Customers
  • Sequential Delivery    

 Injection Molding 


 Compression Molding

Injection Molding   Compression Molding
  • 24 Injection Molding Machines
  • Four of which are large tonnage electric
  • Fast Cycle Time
  • Injection Machines range from 280 - 3000 tonnage
  • Compression Molding Capabilities
  • Light Weight Technology
  • State of the art Compression Molding Machines   


      Vuteq Innovations

Training Rooms Visual Management Engineering Capabilities

Training Rooms

  • Vuteq has over six training rooms.
  • Safety Training room to understand workplace hazards before they occur.
  • Other training rooms include Doortrim assembly, I.P assembly, Logistics, Manufacturing and Maintenance.   

Visual Management

  • Floor Management Development System has been implemented to all production areas throughout Vuteq.
  • JKK (Built In Quality) has also been implemented to all production
    areas throughout Vuteq.   

Engineering Capabilities

  • 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping capabilities
  • Competitor Benchmarking Analysis
  • 3D CAD and FE Software
  • Full Design Validation Testing